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  1. Buy 1cP-LSD and get your order from Germany. Low price guarantee and shipping to whole EU within 1-2 days possible. Biggest Lizardlabs retailer in Europe
  2. Le rapport de confiance du site internet 1plsd.to indique : Indice de confiance modéré. Il affiche un score de 50 % et possède actuellement 0 avis. Partagez votre expérience en laissant le vôtre
  3. 1plsd.to Average trust score: more investigations are necessary. This website is popular HTTPS protocol detected. Beware as it does not always mean security; This analysis is partly based on Whois data: you can have a look at them on this page. The scoring and indications provided by ScamDoc are calculated via a complex algorithm. They reflect the trust you can give to the website. Please.
  4. Il affiche un score de 68 % et possède actuellement 0 avis. Partagez votre expérience en laissant le vôtre ! 1plsd.to : 1P_LSD - Reddit: Labsense.nl sold to me despite saying they didn't sell to the UK, although since then they were shut down once and have completely had their UK shipping option removed. There was some other site that sold.
  5. dset and depressive mood. I still have the volumetric batch I made and 4 more tabs that have been unused. I might try again, but, I hate risking ruining a day. level 2. 4 points · 3 years ago. You do realize that changing stores won't have an effect on your set, right? level 2. 1 point · 3 years ago. I can confirm the same effects. 1plsd.to.
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  7. age car elle est assez simple a

If 1plsd.to is shit. Rgn was raided. Chem.eu is unreliable: Thats a shame you feel that way. It is our understanding that we have only had positive feedback bar one so far. We sent out 25 packs of FREE etizolam with the promise of reviews and only 2 or 3 bothered to write reviews (all were positive though). labsense.nl | is labsense.nl veilig? - Controleer of het een: Controleer. Product arrived on time. Product arrived on time, and contained the items that it was supposed to contain. Before ordering, I was skeptic because of the bad reviews but they are probably from either people that have ordered from high risk countries or just some competitive sites doing that

Shop Empfohlen von. kuponkarma. Profil anzeigen. Search Coupon Le 1p-LSD est légal à l'achat mais pas à la consommation, ce qui fait que tu peux le commander en toute légalité Quannd tu l'absorbes, une partie est metabolisée en LSD-25, tandis qu'une autre passe dans ton sang sous forme 1p-LSD, un autre lysergamide aux effets proches, donc t'auras normalement des effets extrêmement proches du LSD-25 seu

1plsd.to Indice de confiance modéré : 50

  1. 1plsd.to Mediocre trust index : 50
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  3. Opinions on 1P-LSD from this site: http://www
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1P-LSD w/ PsychedSubstance Trip Report

Difficult 1P-LSD Trip Report at 150ug(Micro Pellets)

Psychedelics — Microdosing, Mind Enhancing Methods, and More The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

Video: Paul Austin on Microdosing: Psychedelics for Leadership Development TNW Conference 2017

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